The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever!


Eeek! Valentine’s Day is here and you haven’t gotten your husband anything! What now? Have you considered giving him an indirect gift? Confused? I’m talking about the gift of prayer. Being a prayer warrior for your husband is the most powerful gift you can give him. You dont have to wait until tomorrow. You can start right now! If you aren’t sure what to say try this excerpt  from Stormie Omartian:

” Lord, Help me to be a good wife. I fully realize that I don’t have what it takes to be one without Your help. Take my selfishness, impatience and irritability and turn them into kindness, longsuffering and the willingness to bear all things. Take my old emotional habits, mindsets, automatic reactions, rude assumptions and self-protective stance and make me patient, kind, good,faithful, gentle, and self controlled. Take the hardness of my heart and break down the walls with Your battering ram of revelation.  Give me a new heart and work in me Your love, peace and joy ( Galatians 5:22, 23) I am not able to rise above who I am at this moment. Only you can transform me.

Make me my husband’s helpmate, companion, champion, friend and support. Help me to create a peaceful, restful, safe place for him at home. Grow me into a creative and confident woman who is rich in mind, soul and spirit.  Make me the kind of woman he can be proud to say is his wife. I lay all my expectations at Your cross. I release my husband from the burden of fulfilling me in areas where I should be looking to You.  Help me to accept him the way he is.  I leave any changing that needs to be done in Your hands, fully accepting that neither of us is perfect and never will be. Only You, Lord, are perfect and I look to You to perfect us.”

I’ll be sending out more prayer excerpts soon. I challenge you to pray them and speak scripture over your husband and watch God work unimaginably in your marriage!

Happy Valentine’s Day